SildeHexal 50 mg: Unknown Drug from a Credible Manufacturer

Brand: SildeHexal

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Hexal AG

Country of Manufacture: Germany

SildeHexal 50 mg Package Image

Review and Description

SildeHexal 50 mg is a brand of the drug Sildenafil manufactured by Hexal AG in Germany. The drug has a similar formula to the brand Viagra and is a cheaper generic to it. Sildenafil, its active ingredient belongs to a medicine that is known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5). It works by allowing easier blood flow to the penis when it is stimulated. The blood flow to the area happens because the blood vessels are more relaxed. As an erectile dysfunction drug, it helps its male user to maintain an erection for the duration of their sexual activities. Please note that the drug only works when the penis is stimulated.

Hexal AG, the manufacturers of the drug are a subsidiary of Novartis. Hexal has operated in Bavaria Germany since 1981. They are leaders in the German market as generic producers. They sell over 5,900 medications and each year more than 200 million goods are produced and distributed. Their products include prescription and over the counter drugs used for the treatment of hypertension, the common cold, asthma, pain and others. It may be easy to identify their products because some of them have “HEXAL” attached to the name.

Customer Reviews

Reviews for SildeHexal were not found. However, if you were to search the internet, you could find countless reviews for drugs containing sildenafil and they are all generally good and along the lines of “it works well”. However, the assumption that it worked well would be inappropriate to make for this drug.

Hexal also had no reviews online. Though, drug manufacturers seldom have reviews. They do have a presence on the internet; website, Facebook page and LinkedIn Profiles. There are several articles to read about them so they seem legit.

Pricing and Dosage

SildeHEXAL 50 is available for sale in a box containing for pills for the cost of €19.96 inclusive of shipping and value-added tax. The United States dollar equivalent would be $23.52.

SildeHEXAL is available for purchase in different dosage strengths

SildeHEXAL is available for purchase in different dosage strengths. However, most men take a 50mg tablet about one hour before sex. It is not recommended that you exceed more than one tablet a day. Men over 65 or persons suffering from certain diseases may be given a different dosage by their doctors.

How to Buy SildeHexal 50 mg Online

SildeHexal 50 is a German drug and as such, it is probably not for sale in the American market so I was unable to find any trusted pharmacies selling the drug. However, if you want to try an erectile dysfunction drug that contains Sildenafil but is cheaper than Viagra, Fildena is an alternative and is available at the following drug stores:

The 50mg dose comes in packs of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 270 pills. The more pills you buy the less you pay per pill. 1 pill would cost you $1.55 if you bought the packet of 30 but would cost you $0.78 if you bought a packet of 270 pills. However, if you’re trying it for the first time you can start at 30 rather than buy 270pills without testing them first.

How to Use

When taking SildeHEXAL, it is advised that you take the drug at least one hour prior to sexual intercourse. Take the tablet as is, whole with water. Do not take the drug with alcohol as it can slow the effects of the drug. The drug can be taken with or without food. However, certain foods can delay the action of the drug. The drug should not be taken by women.

Do not take sildeHEXAL if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed or if you are taking nitrate drugs. The combination of Sildenafil with certain drugs can drastically reduce your blood pressure and cause death. If you have any major problems with your organs, this drug may not be for you. Inform your doctor of your medical history so s/he can choose the right drug for you.

Side Effects

The drug comes with a listing of side effects but not everyone experiences them. 1 in 10 persons or in some instances 1 in 1000 persons experience them. Headaches are the most common side effects coupled with dizziness, flushing and nausea. A less common side effect is a painful erection that lasts long after sex is finished. If this occurs seek medical attention immediately as you can lose penile functions. In rare instances, the use of SildeHexal by some persons has resulted in sudden death. Strokes and heart attack. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to talk to your doctor about your medical history before taking this drug.

Conclusion with Rating

SildeHexal is a generic variant of the drug Viagra and is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The drug had no customer reviews. Maybe the reviews were available in German but none could be found in English. Usually, I do not purchase products that are not prescribed or that have no reviews. It is highly unlikely that any doctor would recommend this product to you. Hexal AG seemed to be running a legit operation as information about them is readily available. The unavailability of the product could mean that they are not too big on distributing the item and are focusing their efforts elsewhere.

SildeHexal got a 3-star rating because the product does not appear good nor bad. Further, its manufacturer is carrying it more than anything as not much is known about it other than what is stated in the leaflet. Sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion and customer reviews would have provided that.

Do not take any drug containing Sildenafil without first speaking with your doctor. Such a drug should only be obtained by prescription.

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